Martin Hoeschele

Martin Hoeschele is a Toronto based Film Maker and graduate of the Trebas Institute. He has training and experience in all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production of cinema and television.

Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television member.

Jane Trapman

TV professional from the Netherlands. Now living in Toronto and enjoying it!
Available for PA, AD jobs, moving towards directing.
Writing on the side, about to publish my first novel.
Also on the side: brand consultant and marketing with Zorro Branding (.com)


Meg is a creative writing prof at Fanshawe College (London, Ontario) and owner of Gypsy Cob Studio, a filming company that is marketing a feature, The Gold Fish Bowl, and three shorts, Dinner for One, Mozart and Honest People.

Meg  embraces her diverse genealogy – a Scottish-Canadian dad and a Croatian-American mom.  A rich and colourful combo that anchored her in both Western and European cultures.  Meg has lived in three provinces, on two continents and by the hemlines of the Aegean, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the St. Lawrence, and the Great Lakes. 

Novels released by Solstice Publishing:   Are But Shadows, Expatriate Bones and The Drowning of Margaret Hannagh . 

In  development are the following working titles:

Keeping Kate in Love , a screenplay adaptation about three daughters flocking home to deal with their mom’s fading life due to dementia.

Men, Women, Once More (a social fantasy novel about an exiled minority reshaping its identity).

Are But Shadows (afeature adaptation; psychological  thriller)

On Broken Glass: (a feature psychological thriller)

In Her Own Fire: (a feature psychological drama)

Sudeep Manandhar

An award-winning screenwriter from Nepal with a short and firm background in short movies and documentaries, adept at creating strong content at high volumes within strict deadlines

Richard Todd

Let me introduce myself, I'm Richard Todd that loves to work on anything that comes his way. Besides the three talent's I'm also an actor, host and a few other things. I love pushing myself and will take on any challenge. 

John Tadros

I have taken part in documentary, film production (either through directing, producing, cinematography, videography, research, editing, script writing), I have shot live events within sports (hockey, Maui Thai Fighting, boxing and basketball) rock concerts, commercials, tutorial videos and recently took part in shooting movie productions as an assistant director, first camera, head researcher, post technical, along with boom operator... all this as a freelancer in such a short time frame. I also have amassed 15 IMDB credits as well. (Type my name on the site's search engine if the link above doesn't work...) Here are my work links, the password for vimeo to view them is ukie103 YouTube... Vimeo food video...

Travis Ferriss

Recent Broadcast Television Graduate with a passion for creativity and a hungerfor new experiences, looking for onset experience.

Mousa Ghodratifard

Mousa Ghodratifard __________________________________ Producer / Director / Writer President of Slate 24 Productions , Mo Ghodratifard is a creat

Desiree van de Laar

Locked in the Cellar Creations consists of 2 FX artists with a passion to provide quality effects at affordable prices. We only take on one film project at a time, so that we can dedicate our full attention and resources to your needs (as we all know that creating good FX can be very labour intensive). As experienced artists, we have a knack for finding the balance between your dreams and your budget, working with professional or alternative (aka. cheaper!) materials as needed.

We have been making props & prosthetics for independent films since 1999. We started offering our hand crafted prosthetics and props to the general public in 2014. You can find these in our webshop and at various shows and conventions.

Christopher Lane

Christopher Lane is a highly sought after and respected Writer, Producer, Director, Educator, Professor and film historian. He curates and preserves original documents pertaining to the earliest beginnings of film. He has also penned a two volume film history book set to be released next year. In his role as ambassador of Canadian film to China Christopher has traveled the world lecturing, sitting on panels and facilitating projects.

Gavin Downes

Gavin is known for his work on the Dark Fantasy Horror film "Beyond Hell".

Connor Jarvie

Connor Jarvie is Known for his work on the short film "Fish".

Shane Simpson

Shane Simpson is an actor, known for Hairspray (2007), Descendants (2015), The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again (2016) and So You Think You Can Dance Canada (TV Series) 

Shereen Airth

For more than 17 years, I have had your back, worked tirelessly, and spearheaded the implementation of many reforms that have made life on set better for everyone. I am committed to strengthening our union by empowering members and advocating for strong industry relationships and protections. As a working Actor, Background Performer, Councillor, Advocate, Stand-In, OSLO, Committee Member, and past Caucus Chair, I am aware of the unique challenges of our industry and contracts. I want to continue to be the voice of all members in our rapidly changing industry, and welcome open dialogue. 


I have had eleven  years of working experience in the entertainment industry as an Artists' Road Manager, Production Assistant, and Events & Concert Coordinator with multiple production companies in Metro Manila, Philippines that are mostly responsible for producing large scale events and concerts, particularly International, and Grammy Award Winning Artists who held their concerts in the Philippines.

I've always been in love with music and film since I was a kid, and I am passionate about contributing, and making a difference behind the scene by rendering the best service I could give. It is so gratifying, and overwhelming knowing that I am part of the artists' success, and their production team.

I believe in teaching and touching other lives through motivation and good example by having a lifestyle worth emulating, with the command of a leader but the heart of a servant.

I would like to continue pursuing this passion to make a difference in the entertainment industry by offering my services. Given the chance, I believe that I will be a great asset to any production companies that will take a chance on me.

I am enthusiastic, always full of energy, curious, and always have a passion to learn new things.

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