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Manny Bains


Manny Bains is the Award-Winning Author of the book “Master Your Universe: 11 Universal Rules for Success. He is also the Award-Winning Author of the book “Switch: To working on living with monthly cash flow.” He is a working actor from Toronto and has appeared on TV shows such as Suits,  Designated Survivor, Haunted Hospitals & Un-expected Killer. He has also done commercials for top brands such as Canadian Tire, Lowes, and Cineplex. He also is the creator & director of the documentary “BreakFREE” which shows Canadians how to achieve follow proven strategies adopted & inherited by wealthy families for generations. He just recently finished directing his second documentary film titled F.E.A.R: Face Everything and Rise. Manny is also the founder of The Rising Star Movie Experience ™ where he helps entrepreneurs explode their brand and create worldwide exposure for their business. Manny has studied with the top authorities and elite masters in the area of success and personal growth and continues to surround himself with experts who can take him to the next level. He loves helping businesses skyrocket their results and achieve higher growth for their company.  Furthermore, he is passionate about waking people up and showing them what is really getting in the way of their results and how to change it so their results are permanently taken to a whole new level. He has shared stages with Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, to name a few.

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