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Jen Gardiner


Canadian actress, Jen Gardiner was born on March 13, 1984 in Kitchener, Canada and grew up in Wellesley, Ontario, Canada. Jen is best known for her role as Modwenna in 'Martyrs - The Chronicles of The Blood'.

The people who know her would describe her as inspiring, motivated, positive, driven, tenacious, talented, strong and fun. 

These character traits are part of some of her favourite roles to play. 

Jen loves playing strong female characters because she loves showing people they can make a difference. 

That they have power. 

She also loves inspiring others to go do that “thing” they think they couldn’t because of reason X, Y or Z.

Jen wants people to feel inspired, motivated, strong and to have had fun watching her work. That when they’re done watching something she's done they feel that they’re ready to take on the world.

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